Our mission.

We are more than just another beer company. Beer to us is an expression of community. It's what we like. It's who are. It's how we live. It's what's makes us proud to call ourself Hackensack Brewing Company.

Hackensack Brewing, LLC will begin as a small-scale micro-brewery that will focus on producing a wide range of fresh, quality beers. Our offerings will run the gamut of a wide scope of styles ranging from classic, time-tested beer styles to unique manifestations of those styles with our own unique twist.

In 2017 we secured a 4,000 square foot warehouse at 78 Johnson Avenue in Hackensack. Roughly 2/3 of this space will be dedicated to manufacturing and packaging beer while the remaining 1/3 will be used as a taproom. This warehouse also provides adequate room for future expansion. Our location is one of our strong points. Hackensack Brewing is in the city of Hackensack, New Jersey, an inner suburb of New York City and the capital of Bergen County. We feel that the market in this area is perfect for our business model. With a robust public transportation system in place and a massive rehabilitation plan already in full swing, the city of Hackensack is currently undergoing a renaissance; Hackensack Brewing plans to be a key building block in this revival.

In addition to brewing beer that the people of Hackensack can be proud of, we also plan to be involved in the community through philanthropy, volunteerism, and sponsorship of community events. We see this community involvement as an integral feature of our business model.